The End

On December 1st, 2010 I dropped off my laundry.  After roughly 6 weeks of intermittent LG sightings, much less interaction, I learned from LL (Laundry Lady) that LG had moved back to his homeland of Caracas, Venezuela.  I hadn’t pegged LG as Venezuelan.  He looked and outbursted nothing like Carlos Zambrano, after all.  Shows what I know of Venezuelans. 

I also learned that his name was/is Paolito.  Little Paulie.  I kind of like that better than LG.  But, it’s too late now.

Unless LL proves to be more than the pleasant, smiling, pudgily-agreeable woman that I have met on several occasions, this blog will cease to exist. 

Me and LG reminded me of Tom Cruise and his paper guy in A Few Good Men, albeit in a much worse-natured kind of way.  Sharing barbs, caring only enough to mildly aggravate each other and then turn our attentions elsewhere more important. 

So long, Little Paulie.   So long, LG.