Drop Off 01/17/11: LG? Is That You?

On January 17th, after weeks of doing my own laundry due to the sudden departure of LG from my laundering life, I decided I was too busy for laundry and returned, sad-eyed, to that laundromat on Torrance Blvd.  Not expecting much of anything, I approached the counter, lifted my bags over the gate and this is what happened:

Me:  Hello.  Anyone home.  Here to drop off.

Voice:  Just a minute.

Me:  LG?

Voice:  In a minute.

Me:  Paolito?

LG: Here to drop off?

Me:  (remembering my respective station in this relationship)  I’m not picking you up for dinner.

LG:  Good.  I’m not paying.

Me:  I thought you moved back to Caracas.

LG:  Who said that?

Me:  Ummm.  Laundry Lady?

LG:  I had to help my uncle with his family in Mexicali.

Me:  That’s a lot different than moving to Caracas.

LG:  What is that?

Me:  Bingo. 

LG:  Pick up tomorrow.

Me:  You bet.

And with that the fluff and fold yin, to my drop and grab yang have been reunited.  Caracas.  What is that, indeed.